Seago Sea Cruiser Plus ISO 9650 Liferaft Container


Introducing the new Sea Cruiser PlusISO 9650-1 liferaft.

The Sea Cruiser Plus ISO 9650-1 TYPE 2 is a fully approved ISO liferaft for the leisure cruiser. Made to a legislated standard this liferaft gives you superior quality and safety at a great price point. The Sea Cruiser Plus is a must have piece of survival equipment for any leisure cruising vessel.


The new ISO standard for liferafts is now in force for all liferaft manufacturers to comply to. Seago have been working behind the scenes to bring our current range of liferafts up to the new and latest requirements. The Cruiser Plus ISO 9650-1 TYPE 2 is the latest version of our best selling leisure liferaft complying to the newest ISO standard. This new version of the liferaft has had a new boarding ramp installed in place of the weighed ladder and comes packed in a new design valise or slimline canister with new polished finish. The Cruiser Plus has a twin butyl rubber chambers which are independent of each other if one was to puncture the raft will still float with the full capacity of people on board. The canopy is high visibility rip stop nylon which is highly waterproof and strong.

For commercial or coded vessels you need the Sea Master ISO 9650-1


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